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VIDUM has been active in safe lifting operations, securing of load and fall protection in more than 30 years. In this work quality and service is fundamental for all products and services we provide.

VIDUM has participated in European Standards since 1989 and Ragnar Vidum is the leader of the Norwegian committee K48 in Standard Norway as coordinates all European and international standardization in cranes, lifting equipment, lifts, cargo securing and work platforms. Vidum also participates actively in European Standards for fall protection and are here “Head of Delegate” in CEN TC 160.

VIDUM are participating in the preparation of new products in both the defense, offshore and in the transport sector. With this we also develop documentation and user information.

VIDUM actively working with safe job analysis to improve; working practices, internal controls, procedures and attitudes. We carry through the existing conditions, prepar reports and propose measures, as well as participating in routing through the improvement process.

We have a broad course, training and education program within lifting operations, securing of load – and fall protection. Our customers are Defense/Military, energy / power, offshore, transport and industry. We also undertake total safety campaigns internally in companies.

Please contact us for more information.
Tel.      +47 334 27 800
Fax      +47 334 27 801
E-mail: post@vidum.no